2017 Minimalist Home Garden


A house can be said beautiful and alive, of course, must have a garden. Including a minimalist home, a minimalist home garden is part of the house that should not be missed. One of the functions of this park is to release fatigue, after a busy work of course need a new atmosphere, a fresh atmosphere in order to cool and refresh the brain. Given so large the functions and values that can be taken. Therefore, a minimalist house with this garden should be designed and maintained as good and as good as possible.

Function of Minimalist House Garden

Full of shady trees, colorful flowers, plants that can be picked, there is a fish pond in it, is the dream of every person who must be in their minimalist home garden. But the most important thing in this garden, not how many plants are inside, not as green as what is emitted from the park, but how this garden can make you forget for a moment with all the hustle and bustle of your outdoor activities, and feel relax.Minimalist Home Garden

A minimalist home garden can also be used as a place to interact every member of the family. The park is also useful as a recreational arena that is beneficial to family members. You can make this garden a minimalist home playground, joking and playing with family. Chatting with family, telling about the complaints that are being faced both about the work of husband, children's school activities is very possible in this ditaman because it is supported with a very comfortable atmosphere.

Often shrinking the existing field. Then the air circulation will be reduced. So, a minimalist home garden will inevitably become the best and efficient air circulation place, if in the house complex there is no field with trees.Sangatlah recommended to build this park. According to experts, quickly feel sleepy, fatigue and delay to understand it is due to the oxygen levels received by the brain, not in accordance with the oxygen that should be needed brain. So let's let go of the fatigue in this oxygen-rich garden.