How To Clean the Oven Errors and Solutions


How To Clean the Oven Errors and Solutions

The oven is definitely a precious household appliance that allows us to cook in the kitchen preparing all sorts of delicious dishes. The disadvantage is that it is one of the most unpleasant, awkward, tedious and difficult to clean things, and when it comes to the fateful moment we generally refer to it, and since when it is closed you do not see the dirt and do not smell, it goes to end Which we forget until the next use when everything starts again, and so the situation is getting worse. However, even the most admirable ones who want to make some mistakes. Let's look at some useful tips together.

Win laziness

As we all know, when it comes to household refinement, it only makes things worse. The oven is perhaps the most emblematic example of this reality solasbars. Cleaning frequently causes the operation to be less complicated and difficult. Annoying laziness then a little good will will make things easier.

Do not clean the oven if it is still too hot

The most desirable ones who want to clean the oven immediately after use run the risk of burns and more, especially with regard to glass, heat can create anesthetic aloni.

Do not use abrasive sponges

Very abrasive sponges or worse than metal can damage the oven walls. Also, if we have not previously softened the incrustations, they are still ineffective. To remove the incrustations, after softening them with special products or natural products, it is certainly best to use a spatula gently.

Be the right products in the right way

There are several products on the market that are suitable for cleaning the oven. As we know, these are chemicals, and it is very important to read the label carefully and carefully follow the instructions to avoid damaging the objects.

For example, if a product is particularly corrosive, we must be careful not to accidentally pour it on the floor or other surfaces because it may ruin them. It is also very important to take special care in using potentially toxic chemicals in the oven where we cook the food. As an alternative to commercial products there are natural and DIY remedies that are inexpensive and yet effective.

Natural Remedies Easy, Cheap, and Effective

There are several DIY processes with easy-to-find ingredients that are very effective and do not involve any risk of contamination of the oven and consequently of food with chemicals. They are bicarbonate, salt, vinegar and lemon.

A solution of water and bicarbonate distributed on the surfaces of the oven and then, after a few minutes, removed with a soft sponge or a cloth will allow us to clean the oven perfectly.

The addition of salt will help to remove old and burnt incrustations more easily, perhaps using a spatula.

Use a solution of water and vinegar or water and lemon, heated in the oven, will allow you to clean, disinfect and even remove bad smells, so our kitchen will always be perfect